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Solution for customer training

Your company may have a product or a service, which use requires training? Your customer may have need to train their concept for all employees of all of the chain units.

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Better customer satisfaction

It says, that skillfullness is are the most important resource in modern companies. In some cases, it is important to take care skillfullness of your customers. When your customers makes use of the whole potential of your product, you will get better customer satisfaction.

With Sopro Online training is cost-effective and uniform. Materials related to your products and services, can be easily shared with elearning platform. Video lessons can be organized for quite a big audience and when lessons are recorded, learners can choose their time to watch the lessons.

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Basic features

– learners management
– learner groups management
– training management

How can we help You?

A few examples of advantages of Sopro Online

Remote Training

Make use of remote trainings and webinars. You can train a big group at the same time.

Learn regardless time and space

System is designed for touch screen mobile devices. Learners can use it anywhere and anytime. No need to book classroom for your learners anymore.

Material bank

All of the learning materials of any formats, can be added straight to the courses of elearning platform. It is much easier to manage courses and materials, when they are binded together.

Why should you choose Sopro Online?

Versatile system at
a budget price

Sopro Online does not need any remarkable starting investments. It is easy and quick to set up. You pay for only those functionalities what you use.

Track performance

Set the goals. Make surveys of initial performance and learning opportunities of work place. Track progress with clear graphic tools.

Advanced training

Sopro Online contains versatile tools for competence management and developing. You choose what you need and pay only for them. Comprehensive training management gives good base for organizing high-quality trainings.