For education management

Campus Pro

Campus Pro Learning Management System is a solution for education management in a networked environment. It is intended as a common network infrastructure for educational institutions and educational organizations, such as apprentices as well as employment office and companies.

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Campus Pro is a software that takes into account the diversity of vocational education. It particular emphasis learner-centered approach, work-life orientation and the transparency brought about by networking between partners. Campus Pro Learning Management System combines a trustworthy, safe student management with a flexible e-education management system.

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The contents of the education can be taken into an information storage space shared with your schooling network, thus the information can be published or relocated for the use of all the partners.


Campus Pro emphasizes networking, learning by doing and the personalization of the teaching process. It takes in account the flexibility demands of all schooling and training and it is a great motivator and supporter of any learning. Campus Pro is not only ideal for educational organizations, but also excellent for companies forming their workers further.

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Managing the contents of any education with Campus Pro is extremely easy and intuitive from any point of view. With Campus Pro all information concerning the students will be successfully organized and under control.


  • Content management and customization of education
  • Groups and student managementStatutory government transfer calculation
  • Loading and updating qualification structures
  • Individualization of preparatory training of competence-based qualification
  • Collate attendance and student performance information
  • Reporting and updating student information
  • Sending course invitations
  • Sharing course material
  • Export data to and import from CSV- and Excel-formats
  • Infrastructure for networking
  • Supplied on a highly safe leasing service

ADD-ONS – Expand the base software with add-ons

  • Development plan and Follow-up Module (for educational institutions and apprenticeship training) for education and training compensation and student evaluation. And for skills mapping and monitoring of its development.
  • Development plan (for companies) for skills mapping and monitoring of its development.
  • Message Module for sending e-mails and notifications.
  • Feedback Module for collecting feedback and reporting.
  • Course Feedback Module for collecting course feedback and reporting.
  • Preliminary Information Module for collecting information from students and employees for apprenticeships.
  • POJ-Module for planning on-the-job learning.
  • Qualification Structure Module for updating qualification structures.
  • Transparent IC Module for creating and adjusting individual curriculums.
  • Survey Module for mapping training tasks and students know-how (POJ-module needed).
  • Competence Management Module to manage and monitor the development of competence.
  • Learning Task Module – An online learning environment for doing learning tasks.


  • Apprenticeship training
  • Adult vocational education
  • Employment office
  • Educational companies