For student management


Sopro is a solution for student management. The base package can be expanded with additional modules, making Sopro scale from a student management system in small apprenticeship agencies and educational institutions to a resource planning system in large companies. Together with Campus Pro it is the solution to manage all types of education information.

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Sopro is suitable for management of any type of adult education. Originally it has been developed to manage demanding apprenticeship education in Finland. Sopro has for example easy-to-use student management including reporting to authorities and tracking of incomes and expenses for individual students during their whole education.

Special effort has been made to boost communication between involved partners and for utilizing services to control the education process and being able to alert the users if anything is out of the ordinary.


  • Student management
  • School and company management
  • Income and expense management
  • Management of disbursements (social benefits for students, theories and training allowances)
  • Necessary forms for students and employers
  • Student specific expense monitoring for the entire course study
  • Statistics for authorities
  • Reporting for various purposes
  • Can be used in a web-browser
  • Optional interfaces for financial management systems, CRM-systems etc.


Sopro is suitable especially for all types of adult education. All the fields and views are possible to define according to educational structures and customer needs.


We can offer a comprehensive toolbox for all stages of individualization: applying, acquiring the skills of the qualification and completing the degree. The software has the tools and process control for all the parties in the individualization process. It works transparently and self-documenting as a platform for designing and planning a degree. The whole individualization process, however, adheres to official qualification requirements.

Sopro + Campus Pro

Sopro and Campus Pro are fully integrated. Together they can be seen as a safe and flexible student management system and as a networkable environment for education management.

History of managing demanding apprenticeships

We are the most experienced and we offer the most comprehensive product range in the market of apprenticeship software. We started developing apprenticeship software back in 1993 and today’s version of Sopro represents the third generation of software. Most of Finnish apprenticeships are managed by our software. Over the years apprenticeship training and adult vocational education has and still continues to develop. This means that the software has to have a continuous development.


The versatile base software can be expanded with several plug-ins depending on your needs. There are interfaces for transferring payments directly to the bank or to the accounting and the ledger and to CRM-systems, among others. The reporting plug-in adds possibilities for further personalization of the reports. Sopro can be extended even further with add-ons and Campus Pro.

ADD-ONS – Expand the base software with add-ons

  • Message Module for sending e-mails and notifications.
  • Feedback Module for collecting feedback and reporting.
  • Preliminary Information Module collecting information from students and employees for apprenticeships.
  • Multilingual Support Module – for multilingual (Finnish & Swedish & English) support in the web interface for students and instructors.
  • SMS-Module for sending SMS-messages to students and instructors.
  • POJ-Module for planning on-the-job learning.
  • SB-Module for digital handling of students social benefits.
  • Qualification Structure Module for updating qualification structures.
  • Transparent IC Module for creating and adjusting individual curriculums.
  • Survey Module for mapping training tasks and students know-how (POJ-module needed).
  • Communication Module for e-mail campaigning and customer management.
  • Competence Management Module To manage and monitor the development of competence


  • Apprenticeship training
  • Vocational education
  • Employment office
  • Educational companies