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Solutions for companies

For corporate training needs we offer a comprehensive solution called Sopro Online that is used to manage goal-oriented skills development and the whole training process. The software solution provides excellent tools for training of personnel and sharing knowledge and information in a cost-effective way. With Sopro Online employees can study anywhere, anytime.

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Mapping current knowledge and setting goals

Our solution includes an innovative tool for determining existing knowledge and skills. With this tool it is easy to bring to light any gaps in the employee’s knowledge and clear goals can be set individually for further development. When an employee’s skills and goals are well defined, it is possible to systematically focus on developing the skills and knowledge with weaknesses.

Improving Competence with an e-Learning platform

Thanks to our Study@, companies’ training needs can be managed in a flexible and cost-effective way. With Study@ you are able to use a variety of educational methods. It offers possibilities for online study, self-study and even to share material and information beyond the organization’s boundaries. After all, it acts as a real-time communication tool, regardless of time, place and device.

Effective communication

The versatile communication features of Study@ allow both group and individual feedback, whixh is the key to effective motivation and guidance of the student.

Follow-up and Achieving the Goals

With our software it is easy to follow-up and motivate the employees in their studies. The trainer is able to follow the employee’s progress and guide him/her in the right direction if needed. All learning results are always available in the software, so the trainer, as well as the employee, knows what has already been learned and what still needs to learn. Comprehensive graphs and learning diary keeps you ahead of the skills development from baseline to the determined goal.

Software as a service

The whole software  is supplied on a rental basis. There is no need to install anything locally, as all features of the product are available through your internet browser.

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