Solutions for companies

For corporate training needs we offer a comprehensive solution called Sopro Online that is used to manage goal-oriented skills development and the whole training process. The software solution provides excellent tools for training of personnel and sharing knowledge and information in a cost-effective way. With Sopro Online employees can study anywhere, anytime.

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Competence management

One of the biggest workplace challenges today is managing the employees’ continuous goal-oriented competence development. The employee’s physical location should not be an obstacle to their participation in training. Contents of the education should be easily distributed to all employees, so that the quality of education can be ensured equally to everyone. As a solution to the challenge, we offer our browser-based Sopro Online software, which enables bringing competence development to a whole new level.

Mobile e-learning platform for competence development

With our mobile e-learning platform Study@, personnel competence development can be managed in a flexible and cost-effective way. The software offers possibilities for online studying, self-studying and even for sharing material and information beyond the organization’s boundaries, regardless of time and place. In addition, the development plan can be utilized in defining the goals for education and giving feedback.

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Performance appraisals

The software supports both traditional and continuous (agile) performance appraisal templates. You can use both, either together or separately. The traditional, systematic performance appraisal process is directed by reminders set up by the system. The continuous performance appraisal can be used for achieving current competencies.

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Goal-oriented competence development

Employee’s competence can be defined using the initial survey. Clear goals for competence development can be set easily based on the survey. After defining the employee’s competence level and goals, you can concentrate on systematically developing the most critical competencies.

With the versatile tools for feedback and follow-up, the trainer/mentor can follow the learner’s progress, give feedback and guide them to the right direction. The competence progress can be examined as demonstrative graphs from starting level to the goal.

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Course management

The software enables creating demonstrative, flexible course trees, which will make the management of education content easy and effective. Benefit from advanced course management tools such as self-enrollment, individual course selection, collecting course feedback, monitoring attendance etc.

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Staff competence register

The company competence register consists of the employees’ recorded skills and accomplished educations. From the competence register you can identify the gaps in the critical competencies, and receive related alerts if needed. Set the company-specific competence goals and use the competence register to identify lack of competence. Plan methods for filling the competence gap.

Sopro Online

Ensure that your staff have the necessary skills and manage their further development. With our browser-based competence management system, you will handle staff training and information sharing in a cost-effective way.

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