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Services for Education management system integrations

We offer tailoring and integration services in addition to our standardized software and services. In larger organizations it is fairly typical that software is tailored to their needs. In the deployment project we also typically integrate the system with the organization’s other existing systems. If necessary, we will also develop new functionality to meet the needs of the customer.

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The system architecture is based on the SOA-principles and utilization of interfaces. Sopro and Campus Pro are a great example of the integration possibilities. Both systems can be provided as an independent software, but integrated together, they form a comprehensive system for education management.

Utilization of interfaces

Our system includes a large number of interfaces to different generally used systems, for example financial management systems, both for sales ledgers and accounting as well as CRM-systems. At this moment we are developing and testing a new interface between our systems and Finnish KOSKI-service and we take part in developing common interfaces. Thanks to the interface from ePerusteet (a Finnish service with access to the valid curriculums and qualification requirements), the official qualification structures can be downloaded to our software.

Software tailoring

If you find that our products suit your purposes well, but not perfectly, please, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to make you an offer for a tailored solution.

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